: Configuration Overview

BounceMenu is easy to configure and use. This is a short quick-config guide. Download the demo files if you need to see a more detailed example.

  • Fire up an ASCII text editor like notepad or textedit. Don't let the XML scare you. Its super simple! The component uses specifc element and attribute names, so see Configure menu.xml.
  • Drag an instance of the component from the components panel out on the stage.
  • Change the parameter "XML source file" to the name of the file you just created. DONT use quotes in the parameters box.Test the movie to make sure it correctly displays the data from your XML file.
  • You now have the skeleton of the menu. In order for the sub-buttons to work when clicked you need to set up the root goto function.
  • When the componet displays the XML data and goes to the location you specified, you can configure how the menu moves and looks. see modify appearance.

Configure XML
Setup gotoFunction
Modify appearance
- Skin buttons
- Check parameters
- Adjust animation

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