: Notes and Other Information

Considerations to make when Skinnning:

  • Don’t rely soley on the live preview. The live preview is limited, so you’ll have to test the movie to see substantial changes.

  • The text field in both mainSuperButton and subSuperButton, use autoSize.. Auto-size can be turned off by deleting the field.autoSize = "left" action from each of the buttons frames. The actions are found on the “actions” layer. You can also change it to “center” or “right” for different effects.

  • If you have trouble wtih the sizing of the component, or other x value problems, Its because the submenu containers are placed at a negative x value when they're not in use. This shouldn't cause any problems.

Calculating the required size of the Flash document: Find the element with the most subitems. Take the number of main buttons x 20, then add the largest amount of subitems x 20.


Configure XML
Setup gotoFunction
Modify appearance
- Skin buttons
- Check parameters
- Adjust animation

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